Passionate travelers have started deciding destinations by watching enchanting travel videos. Videos account
for nearly 75% of internet traffic. Every month several thousands of travel videos are uploaded to different video sites.
This is very high compared to travel programs viewed on television channels.

Videos in the Airline Industry

The travel industry has immense opportunities to use videos.
Many renowned airline companies have started using videos for improving their branding. One of the best examples is Virgin Airlines. They leveraged the use of videos in the commercial as well as service sectors. And they have started recognizing the benefits.

Videos created for the Airline business

Videos in the Hotel Industry
Majority of the passengers ensure that they have booked a comfy hotel before starting their journey. Hotels are booked only after checking reviews and facilities. A good video allows in getting a real-time view of hotel facilities. Motion pictures are worth a thousand words and online destination or online hotel videos help to acquire more visitors and as a result growth the revenue.
Videos created for the Hotel business
1 . Videos on Hotel Facilities
2 . Videos on Customer Reviews
3 . Videos on Services Provided
4 . Videos on Booking Facilities
5 . Videos on Outdoor Facilities
6 . Videos on Offers
If your brand is not ready, don’t worry. You don’t have to jump in head first. Start creating videos on a small scale. Measure its results. Check the customer interaction statistics. Then go with the video creation strategies that are getting a better response.

Why do you create videos?

People planning for a trip watch videos during all phases
of their decision-making process. So it is a perfect medium to reach a large number
of prospective people in the sales funnel.

Here are the statistics of people who watched travel related
video content before their trip

68% watched videos when thinking about taking a trip
62% watched videos when thinking about what type of trip they would
like to take
69% watched videos when choosing a destination
63% watched videos when looking for ideas for activities at a
52% watched videos when deciding where to

How Can You Work Video into Your
Marketing Strategy?

A video is not new to the Travel and Hospitality industry. Based on Mary Meeker’s report, “more brands than ever are engaging with video content marketing and buyers are consuming it at a significant rate.” From airlines to hotels, the travel plans of a customer have been completely digitalized. Videos can bring all industries under one umbrella. You can do

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The new age of travel and Hospitality Industry

The travel and hospitality industry is not the only one to discover the power of video. A lot of companies with a ‘Video First’ approach are revolutionizing their game and upping the ante by banking on video.

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About Us

Toon Explainer is a front runner in the industry of animated explainer video production, we know how to create effective explainer videos designed specifically for your business....

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